Statistics Saturday: What Election Day Schedules Feel Like To Me

Day Gut Reaction To That Being Election Day
November 2 Gah, way too early, this is like before Labor Day. What’s the rush?
November 3 OK, but it’s a little soon, don’t you think? I guess we can work with this.
November 4 This was election day for the first Presidential election I ever remember so this is obviously the best possible election day.
November 5 All right, we can work with this, even if it’s taking a while to get the voting done.
November 6 Um, how are we waiting this long to get around to it? Well, we can still vote but somebody better have a tardy slip over this.
November 7 Is this even a day? Something’s going seriously wrong with democracy if we’re voting on a day with an identifier like “November 7”.
November 8 Didn’t we already have the election a week ago? This is like after the Feast of the Epiphany for crying out loud.