Adventures In Modern Folk Art

It started as a Super Fun-Pak Comix gag on Ruben Bolling’s Tom The Dancing Bug. It’s titled The Comic Strip That Has A Finale Every Day. For some reason it escaped its Super Fun-Pak Comix framing device. GoComics started running it as one more comic strip. It publishes every day, and it’s the same strip every day. It’s been doing so since the start of May.

The comic strip thanks the readers of 'The Comic Strip That Has A Finale Every Day', and the characters all wave. The box promises, tomorrow: goodbye again!
Ruben Bolling, as John Scully, with The Comic Strip That Has A Finale Every Day. Strip from the 29th of June, 2015, if that matters.

As I write this, it has 109 subscribers.

Granted, that’s nothing compared to your big popular comic strips like U.S.Acres Reruns (7,954 subscribers) or Nancy Reruns (1,059 subscribers) or Fort Knox (10,880 subscribers) (not a rerun, but it repeats panels a lot). But, still, 109. I’m almost tempted to subscribe just in case something happens.

Unironically I do see in the comments the start of community-building. It looks like at least a couple people are making up stuff that would have appeared in the strip’s past, filling in characters with names and backstories and all that. That sort of community folk art is one of the things I most like about the Internet.

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