Making Me Smile: From The Back Of My Peanuts Calendar

This, now, this just made me smile. It’s “The Daily Extra” that’s on the back of my page-a-day Peanuts calendar, a feature they include so as to distract people from how they don’t have Sundays as separate days anymore even though the “page-a-day” calendar is implicitly one (1) page for one (1) day, of which Sundays (S) are one (1). Anyway, from the back of the 3/4th of August calendar for the year 2013:

Unique Gift Idea

Do you have a unique gift idea, but you can’t find the item locally? There’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to find it on the Internet. Have a friend help you search the Web if Internet shopping is outside your comfort zone.

That’s outstanding advice and I figure to put it into practice just as soon as I’m in 1998.

About The Spider-Man Comic Strip

The Amazing Spider-Man daily newspaper comic strip for today, the 9th of July, is first of all a thing that exists. Second, well, you saw it. It really is just what you saw there. No kidding.

Let me explain how things got to this point and please note that I am not fibbing or exaggerating.

In the strip — drawn by Larry Lieber and Alex Saviuk, and written by Stan Lee and a Markov Chain algorithm — Spidey, in San Francisco (never mind why he was there; it was stupid), needs to get to the war-torn republic of Some Latin America-y Country Where They Just Keep Having Revolutions. He needles his boss, J Jonah Jameson, to wiring him the money for a ticket on the grounds there’s pictures to be taken and Spider-Man’s going to be at the Revolution.

At the check-in line Peter Parker realizes that security might make him open his shirt revealing his Spider-Man costume underneath. Inspired by a bratty kid whining about how they don’t have private jets like the Avengers, he sheds his clothes and duffel bag and goes climbing the walls of the airport insisting he has to get on the plane without proving who he is besides doing the web-crawling thing. And that’s where we get to today’s strip, with President Obama saying it’s OK for Spider-Man to fly out of the country. How Peter Parker is supposed to explain his getting to Latin America-y Country when “he” doesn’t board the plane is left for us to guess.

All this may seem a very stupid way of going about things, but do bear in mind that in the -30- Universe of the Marvel Newspaper Comics, Spider-Man gets hit on the head a lot.

I admit that reading Spider-Man is among my ironic pleasures, and I have some thoughts about why reading something that just drizzles incompetence down on the reader is delightful, that I need to organize into a proper essay. For now I just want you to cackle at this.

The insanely colored United States flag in the third panel, by the way, is because like many newspaper strips this one gets badly colored for online publication by, apparently, people who can only do flood-fills on portions of the original artwork that are white. Since darker colors like red or blue get inked in as black, this means that December is visited with a number of Santas Dressed As Johnny Cash, and that early February sees Hi and Lois making Goth Hearts at one another. It’s not helped that there’s very little evidence that the people doing the colorizing even read the strips as they’re coloring them. There was even a Barney Google a couple months back (which I can’t seem to find right now) in which Snuffy Smith complains that a wanted poster of him is only in black-and-white, not in color, and sure enough, the poster got colored in, badly.

(I haven’t linked to the page with a comments thread about today’s installment and you will thank me for it because Internet Comments Thread With Something Vaguely Political Starting It.)

Finding Comedy

Found Comedy is one of the big revolutions in comedy from, like, forty years ago, so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s a bunch of things I just happened to run across, then:

Grandpas Solution Off Water Divisionals Hail Michael Viral
Defiance Lottery Unicorn Table Bassoon Spray Comb Viral
Weed Sail Stimulation Berry Cats Foundation Spring Coffee
Pets Rain Reverse Grapes Family Frank Legroom Moth
Day Brother Airport Hamburgers Equipment Cars Shed Bell
Something Squirrel Toes Parsley Dessert Can Teammate Headphones
Obstacle Hotspot Movie Tractor Mask Bee Marshmallows Spaghetti
Junk Forecasts Banjo Vault Integral Fan Shelf Honor
Bears Beach Stroller Husband Doodle Nail Society Ants
Groomer Vacuum Week Introductions Quill Lawn Catering Hands
Bedtime Game Aftertaste Bell Kneecap Turnip Cutlery News
Polo Education Piano Pepper Stone Clubhouse Jacket Victoria
Bumper Houston Winter Chin Family Science Pet Jumbotron
Sawyer Theater Elevator Abalone Candy Roller Coaster Dirt Scoreboard
Invention Camera Constellation Face Trouble Neighborhood Arms Way
Nincompoop Wines Stretching Memory Call Coffee Discussion Foam
Teleprompter Baseball Kangaroo Garden Hose History Posse Computer Dinner
Championship Movie Conversation Yesterday Timing Sidewalk Cyndi Lauper Sneeze
Mud House Romance Installation Newspaper String Quartet Marketing Traffic
Separation Garden Cop Supper Hazard Facilities Sandcrabs Stomach

Maybe I’m not running right.