November: Its First Impressions

It’s a strange start to November considering I haven’t put my first lip balm of the season through the wash yet. Combined with the ongoing leaf-bootleggers keeping our yard clean it’s got the month going in weird directions. Anyway, that’s all got me putting off the monthly review of what was popular around these parts because I was feeling lazy. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next year.

Mostly, I’m just glad that Halloween night I’m pretty sure I was able to take the trash to the curb without anyone photographing how I was wearing my raccoon mask. That feels like it would be a little too meme-worthy for my style of living.

Meanwhile, I started reading a book on the history of Pythagoreanism because I figured I should do more than just make jokes about it. And then right at the top of the second chapter it mentions how one story has it that Pythagoras talked a greedy bull out of eating beans. So that is going exactly and in every detail just as I had imagined.

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

The Another Blog, Meanwhile index broke out of its holding pattern at 94 and even rose a bit, giving traders hope that they’d get it back up above a hundred, at this rate, tomorrow. And if the trend continues they might even see 200 as soon as next month, which wouldn’t that be a treat?


Mysteries Found While Strolling The Neighborhood

Set by the curb: a trash bin, a recycling bin, and a good-sized rock that probably belongs there.
I understand throwing out the big green recycling bin. You have to set a hard line on those things; they keep coming back again and again.

Why would somebody throw away a perfectly good rock? You know I bet this is how this community lost that lump of coal “as big as the front seat of a car” that was on Grand River avenue somewhere.

Meanwhile on my humor blog, I’d like to share the past week’s mathematically-themed comic strips and talk about them. But there weren’t any! The newspaper-grade comic strips I read didn’t give me anything to talk about there. I talked anyway, but good luck making sense of that.

The First Day Of The New Recycling Bin Program

The knock on the door came too early for me, what with it coming at all. Outside was the garbage truck. One of the guys was at the door.

“Are you aware of what trash and recyclables are supposed to go out today?”

We had set out just the trash, saving the recycling in our gigantic and monstrous bin, which was in the back of the driveway, towering over the old recycling bins. Down the block, some neighbors had set out the trash and the old recycling bins. One had set out the trash and the new recycling bin. One had set out just the new recycling bin. One set out the new recycling bin and the old one. One set out a couple of plastic bags. One was curled up beside the new recycling schedule, sucking his thumb and weeping. One had put up a sign that she had fled to Dallas.

“I … thought the schedule said regular trash today and both trash and recycling next week?”

He nodded gruffly, turned back to the truck, and said, “I told you so, Dan!” So I guess there’s been some confusion about the new scheme.

And the new recycling bin chuckled, while the old ones cowered and squirmed over toward the squirrel feeder.

Reused Thoughts

They delivered a new recycling bin. It’s a monstrously huge bin, large enough to dispose of a compact car. It looms above the garage and the first floor of the house, and I can’t swear that it isn’t the source of these deep, menacing chuckles I’ve been hearing at night.

But this does mean we have to get rid of our old recycling bins. They’re supposed to be put in the new recycling bin, the one bigger than my elementary school. That doesn’t bother me, but, when the time comes to throw away the new recycling bin … I mean, its successor is going to have to be at least as large as the Farnum Senate Office Building, right? It just follows.