Your Inspirational Thought For The Day

Over in a Star Trek forum I quite like, there’s a heated debate raging. The question: is the “Captain’s Office”, the part of his quarters that Captain Kirk used for discussions with senior officers when they needed confidential discussions, functionally the same as the “Ready Room” where Captain Picard or the other, less important, Star Trek captains would go to not be on the bridge while still having tea and getting told that they’d “better come see this”? Or are they completely different structures, serving wholly different roles, not to be mistaken for one another except by people who didn’t understand the question?

And now the inspiration. You have no part whatsoever in this quarrel, and nobody is expecting you to have any part of it. Even if you have an opinion, you don’t have to have an opinion. And I believe that’s a comforting thought even in these difficult times.

Statistics Saturday: Some Words Of No Inspirational Value

I understand that inspirational words and stories are the most popular thing on WordPress, but, I must be true to my muse for no really clear reason. So here are some words which I expect will not move you in the slightest. Enjoy!

  1. Actuate.
  2. Today will find us between yesterday and tomorrow.
  3. Length of visible light.
  4. Bowls of multiple sizes, some of them glass.
  5. But then I’d have to react in some way.
  6. Print out this coupon for a discount of up to five percent.
  7. Most of our content is ingredients.
  8. Blissen.
  9. I’m thrilled to think how disappointed I’ll probably be by all this!
  10. Post-pastoral posting.
  11. That’s how many boats he’s blown up or eaten now?
  12. Active anticoagulant.

Actually, #9 makes me think of Ashleigh Brilliant’s Pot Shots so maybe it’s a tiny little bit inspirational.

What To Do With Abandoned Ideas

We all come up with ideas we can’t really use, because there’s only so many things we can do any given day and clearly the inspiration “sponge or brain” isn’t going to help most of them. But just because you don’t have any use for an idea right now doesn’t mean you’re never going to have one. Things might open up.

What you need is to have some kind of depository for your abandoned ideas, where your abandoned ideas can settle and compost and go about making long-distance calls to one another. In fact, having such a depository is such an obviously good idea that you have had it, but you were too busy to make one. So the abandoned-ideas depository idea was itself abandoned, which is great because it fit right into the depository once you thought of it, only now, there’s no way to get it out, because right outside the abandoned-ideas depository is still inside the abandoned-ideas depository; ask any topologist for an explanation. I’m afraid even this note won’t help. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have no idea what I was going on about. I had one but I don’t know what it was.