Statistics July: Some Round Numbers

I do like looking at my readership figures, once a month, as it’s a convenient way for me to think that I should be more popular. It also lets me lay out what my plans are for the coming month. This plan is always that I’m going to keep recapping the plots in the story strips, since that’s always the most popular thing I post. Let me start with that, come to think of it. My schedule for the coming weeks is to describe the goings-on in:

Going to be a fun month. The Dick Tracy-to-Mary Worth swing is a bunch of strips people are often asking Google about. And, you know, people have been hopping mad about Mary Worth lately, and we’re getting more Wilbur Weston in, my readership prospects are good.

Bar chart of two and a half years' worth of monthly readership figures. After a peak in April 2021 the months hovering around 4500 views per month, without strong direction one way or another, until a new peak emerged in April 2022. July's figures are about the same as June's.
Once again I didn’t get a snapshot exactly at the end of June because I was doing things. But they were different things that I was doing than I was doing at the end of June. I bet the end of this month I get the screenshot exactly on the dot, though. Who ever heard of doing a thing on a Wednesday?

To the specifics, though. There were, WordPress says, 4,727 page views here in July. That’s just five fewer than there were in June. This is below the twelve-month running mean of 5,082.3 views per month, although that figure’s skewed a bit by the spike of readers in April. It is above the running median of 4,585 views per month, suggesting a bit of general growth overall.

There were 2,700 recorded unique visitors, again down a bit from June, but in line with the averages. The running mean for the twelve months leading up to July saw 2,714.6 unique visitors each month. The running median was 2,616.5.

There were 100 likes given around here in July, a second suspiciously round number. This is the first one that looks a bit sad, as it’s below the mean of 154.1 and median of 154.5 likes given in a month on average. And the number of comments — 26 — was similarly way below the running mean of 56.5 and median of 51.5. The implication is that people may see my writings more as something to read than as something to engage with. And that’s not bad, really, as I’ve struggled to engage with things myself lately. Hi, every WordPress blog I’m subscribed to but have left comments in as recently as never.

Despite the lower numbers of likes and comments, stuff got read a good bit around here. These are the posts from July with the greatest number of views, in descending order:

I do expect a Gil Thorp surge for a couple months now, while new author Henry Barajas establishes things like that Gil Thorp flies now and has an unsettled home life.

Mercator-style map of the world, with the United States in dark red and most of the New World, western Europe, South and Pacific Rim Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in a more uniform pink.
I look at a map like this and I think is it possible to have at least one country in red for each line of longitude, the whole world round? It’s got to require Greenland to do, right? Anyway so if this is your first encounter with my writing, this photo caption is a good representative one.

81 countries or things as good as countries sent me readers in July, down-ish from June’s 82. 20 of them got a single page view, though, up from 16. Here’s the roster:

Country Readers
United States 3,546
India 169
Canada 152
United Kingdom 136
Australia 98
Italy 67
Germany 53
Brazil 38
France 32
South Africa 25
Singapore 22
Serbia 21
Austria 18
Philippines 18
Denmark 17
Finland 16
Pakistan 16
Poland 16
Spain 14
Sweden 14
Norway 13
Belgium 11
Jamaica 11
Iraq 10
Ireland 10
Japan 10
Mexico 10
Switzerland 10
Netherlands 8
New Zealand 8
Nigeria 8
Croatia 7
Peru 7
El Salvador 6
Argentina 5
Malaysia 5
Portugal 5
Romania 5
Bangladesh 4
Barbados 4
Colombia 4
Greece 4
Israel 4
Russia 4
Saudi Arabia 4
South Korea 4
Thailand 4
Tunisia 4
Bosnia & Herzegovina 3
Czech Republic 3
Hungary 3
Vietnam 3
Chile 2
Georgia 2
Hong Kong SAR China 2
Indonesia 2
Macedonia 2
Trinidad & Tobago 2
Turkey 2
Ukraine 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Algeria 1
Cambodia 1
Cameroon 1
Congo – Kinshasa 1
Ecuador 1
Egypt 1
Fiji 1
Honduras 1
Jordan 1
Kuwait 1 (**)
Lebanon 1
Lithuania 1
Mongolia 1
Morocco 1
Namibia 1
Nepal 1
Oman 1
Qatar 1
Taiwan 1
Venezuela 1

Kuwait has given me a single view for three months in a row now. No other country has been a single-view country more than one month in a row. Greenland has resumed not being a country that looks at me at all.

WordPress calculates that I posted 17,264 words in July, an average 556.9 per posting. This is down a little and brings my year-to-date average to 563 words per posting. I’m at 119,411 words posted for the year, as of the start of August.

Between the development of the lunar rovers and the start of August I’ve had 307,659 page views here, from a recorded 174,357 unique visitors. Who’ll be number 175,000? I don’t know. Probably someone from Greenland.

If you’d like your chance at being that reader from Greenland, though, good luck! The best route to reading my essays is to add the RSS feed for my essays to your reader. If you don’t have a reader, but you do have a WordPress account, you can click the “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” button on the upper right corner of this page. If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can use the box beneath that to get uncorrected and typeo-ridden posts e-mailed to you the moment they’re published. Or you can just click on a page that looks good and read that. Whatever’s brought you here to read this you could do again tomorrow. And maybe the rest of this month as I finally run out of 1960s Popeye cartoons to watch. I know, I’m baffled that could happen too.

Statistics Saturday: Some July Holidays

  • July 1st. The First of July.
  • July 4th. The Fourth of July.
  • July 6th. The \sqrt{38} th of July (early morning).
  • July 12th. National Day of Agreeing It Would Be Nice if Things Were Just Quiet for the Day, Maybe We Could Just Have a Pitcher of Iced Tea and Enjoy an Evening Breeze, if There Were One (United States).
  • July 14th. The Fourteenth of July.
  • July 19th. Start of Summer (Northern Hemisphere, Procrastinators); End of Winter (Southern Hemisphere, People Who Are Always Rushing Things).
  • July 22nd. European Pi Day.
  • July 24th. The Fourth of July (Belated).
  • July 25th. Christmas In July.
  • July 26th. Apollo 15 begins (1971).
  • July 31st. New Year’s Eve In August.
  • July 32nd. Day of Yelling at the Computer for Why Is It Going on Like This Still, We Tested for This Case (software developers only).

Reference: The Bagel: The Surprising History Of A Modest Bread, Maria Balinska.

Statistics July: how July 2020 treated Another Blog, Meanwhile

I say that, but I always mean how the readers treated Another Blog, Meanwhile. And by “treated” I mean “looked at one or more pages”. That’s what I’m really here for. Page views and the chance to think of a good joke about Prince Valiant, since nobody else is.

According to WordPress’s counter, in July there were 4,175 pages read here. It’s nice to see that above four thousand. It’s also above the twelve-month running average of 3,911.4 page views. These views came from 2,447 unique visitors, which is higher than the 2,260.6 running average.

Bar chart of about 30 months' worth of readership figures. The July figures are rising after a slight drop in June. There was a peak in April.
The tease to ‘accept payments for just about anything’ is a nice sentiment but it’s not as though I was turning away payments before. The trick is getting anyone to give me money for doing the stuff I have fun doing.

There were 95 things liked in July, which is a bit below the average of 100.3, but at least if my figures are representative, people don’t go liking stuff on WordPress anymore. I get about two-thirds as many likes as I did a year ago, and this with more page views and unique visitors. There were 35 comments given, gratifyingly above the average of 21.8, though.

So regarding the most popular posts: I’m getting a little tired linking to that months-of-the-year-in-reverse-alphabetical-order one. So I thought I’d just list the top five posts from July here. That’s a fine idea except there was a three-way tie for the fifth-most-popular piece, so, fine, have seven links. I’m glad that this includes at least one of my long-form pieces and also a Statistics Saturday piece. It gives a little more balance to things.

I should probably do something to account for, like, a post the last day of the month that gets most of its views the next month. But that’s getting to be a little too much work for me.

Where do my readers come from? For July, they were from 82 countries, a bit above the 77 that I’d seen in June and in May. 28 of them were single-view countries, which is up from the 20 of June and of May. Here’s the roster:

World map showing the United States in deepest red, most of the Americas, South and Pacific Asia, and Europe in a more uniform pink, and few countries in Africa or central Asia with any readers.
I missed my goal of getting all the nations formerly part of the Federal Republic of Central America: no readers from Costa Rica or El Salvador last month. Maybe next time!
Country Readers
United States 3,044
India 301
Canada 155
United Kingdom 131
Australia 78
Brazil 40
Finland 38
Germany 33
Sweden 29
Spain 25
France 24
Italy 22
Norway 18
Philippines 15
Austria 14
South Africa 14
South Korea 10
Portugal 9
Taiwan 9
Argentina 7
Indonesia 7
Ireland 7
Mexico 7
New Zealand 7
Poland 7
Netherlands 6
Singapore 6
Belgium 5
Colombia 5
European Union 5
Guatemala 5
Kenya 5
Peru 5
Denmark 4
Malaysia 4
Zambia 4
Bangladesh 3
Hong Kong SAR China 3
Japan 3
Nigeria 3
Russia 3
United Arab Emirates 3
Albania 2
Belarus 2
Czech Republic 2
Dominican Republic 2
Jamaica 2
Oman 2
Paraguay 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Switzerland 2
Thailand 2
Turkey 2
Venezuela 2
American Samoa 1
Barbados 1
Bermuda 1
Botswana 1
Brunei 1 (*)
Chile 1
China 1
Croatia 1
Cyprus 1 (*)
Ecuador 1
Egypt 1
Estonia 1
Honduras 1
Hungary 1
Israel 1
Jordan 1
Kuwait 1
Lebanon 1 (*****)
Mali 1
Mauritius 1
Nicaragua 1
Pakistan 1
Puerto Rico 1
Romania 1
Slovakia 1 (*)
Ukraine 1
Uruguay 1
Vietnam 1

Brunei, Cyprus, and Slovakia got a single view two months in a row now. Lebanon has had a single page view for each of six months in a row now. I’m not sure whether my longest streak is seven months or what, but that’s one of the longest single-reader streaks out there.

I’m continuing my plan for stuff to write this coming month. A long-form essay posted Thursday evening, Eastern Time. A Statistics Saturday piece posted Saturday evening, Eastern Time. More Popeye cartoons on Sunday evenings. And on Tuesday evenings What’s Going On In the story comics. My plan, barring special circumstances, is to cover the story comics in this order:

As of the start of August I’ve posted 2,738 things. These have drawn 179,564 page views from 101,044 unique visitors. Sorry to have missed you, visitor #100,001. You should have said something. In July I published 15,701 words, for an average of 506.5 words per posting in the month. And that brings my words per posting average for the year down to 541.

I’m happy to have more readers, if you know anyone who’d like to be one. You can subscribe through WordPress by using the “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” button. Or you can put the RSS feed for posts into any reader you have. This includes free accounts at Dreamwidth or Livejournal, if you don’t have anything else. You can add an RSS feed to your Dreamwidth page from and to your Livejournal friends page from I also announce new posts on my @nebusj Twitter account, that I can only sometimes post to manually. So if you need to contact me use literally any other method, including asking people you know if they happen to know me. It’s that bad, but somehow, too low-priority for me to sort out or just use a different web browser on. Sorry.

Statistics July: Finally, the Judge Parker reports people wanted

This is, I swear, the first good chance I’ve had to look at my July 2019 readership statistics. I had a lot going on the first week of the month. This probably won’t happen next year, when I look to have a lot going on the first week of July instead. Well, we’ll know about next year when it arrives, if it does.

Oh, also, I started making new spreadsheets, which is a good way of keeping me distracted. This is probably a mistake, but I’ll make do with it.

There were 3,477 pages viewed here in July. That’s a fair number. The twelve-month running average leading up to July 2019 was 3,117.7 page views per month. There were 1,840 unique visitors in July, according to WordPress. The twelve-month running average leading up to that was 1,781.8 unique visitors per month. Since I posted something every day, again, I can say that’s an average of 112.2 views per posting, above the twelve-month average of 100.6. And 59.4 unique visitors per post, technically above the twelve-month average of 58.6.

Bar chart of monthly readership, which over the past several years has mostly increased, with particular peaks in November 2015 and January 2018.
Now when was it that Apartment 3-G finally collapsed? I know it was sometime a couple years ago.

There were 142 things that got liked around here in July. That’s not all stuff published in July; just something someone read in July. The twelve-month average was 165.8 likes per month. That’s 4.6 likes per post on average in July, down from 5.5 likes per post in the twelve-month average. There were 18 comments in July, way down from the twelve-month average of 42.3. This is on average 0.6 comments per posting, way down from the already poor 1.4 comments per posting in the twelve-month running average.

So, yes, I worked out twelve-month running averages in my spreadsheets.

469 separate pages got at last one page view in July. There’d been 401 separate pages in June. 182 different pages got only a single page view, up from the 154 single-view pages of June. The greatest number of page views were all from comic strip posts, naturally:

I’m not surprised that so many people want to know the heck is with Judge Parker, Rex Morgan, or Nancy. I’m not sure what’s so curiosity-arousing about Henry and Hazel but I’m glad to be of use.

The most popular of my not-comic-strip related stuff was an essay from October, Everything There Is To Say In Explaining How Computer Graphics Work. This is a piece I’d forgotten entirely and I like rediscovering it. Thank you for your choice, readers.

70 countries or country-like entities sent me readers in July. There’d been 69 such in June and 75 in May. That seems about my standard. Here’s the roster:

Mercator-style map of the world, with the most intense red in the United States and India. There's some readers in much of the Americas and Europe, plus Russia, China, and Southeast Asia.
I don’t understand why there’s a dark grey line around Kazakhstan, but I’m sure there’s some good reason based in an inexplicable user-interface interaction.
Country Readers
United States 2,441
India 354
Canada 109
Australia 56
United Kingdom 48
South Africa 35
Romania 33
Philippines 30
Hong Kong SAR China 27
Spain 25
Austria 22
Brazil 22
Germany 22
Netherlands 19
Colombia 18
El Salvador 16
Italy 15
Kenya 14
France 10
Japan 10
Mexico 10
Finland 8
Portugal 8
New Zealand 7
Nigeria 7
Malaysia 6
South Korea 6
Sweden 6
Taiwan 6
Denmark 5
Singapore 5
Ukraine 5
Argentina 4
Belgium 4
European Union 4
Indonesia 4
Puerto Rico 4
Egypt 3
Israel 3
Jamaica 3
Norway 3
Pakistan 3
United Arab Emirates 3
American Samoa 2
China 2
Greece 2
Ireland 2
Switzerland 2
Thailand 2
Vietnam 2
Albania 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
Brunei 1
Croatia 1
Cyprus 1
Czech Republic 1
Ecuador 1
Estonia 1
Guam 1
Hungary 1 (*)
Iceland 1 (*)
Jordan 1
Kuwait 1 (*)
Macedonia 1
Morocco 1
Peru 1
Poland 1
Russia 1
Serbia 1
Tunisia 1

Hungary, Iceland, and Kuwait were single-reader countries the previous month too. There weren’t any countries on a three-month single-reader streak. There were 20 single-reader countries in July, compared to the 18 in June and 19 in May. So that’s all holding about steady.

What have I got planned for the coming month? A long-form essay, published Thursday evening, Eastern Time, for one. Statistics Saturday posts, for as long as I can continue thinking of things to list. And of course What’s Going On In the story comics. Barring surprises, and there can be surprise or breaking news I’m planning to feature:

From the start of 2019 through the start of August I’d published 210 posts, for a total of 125,099 words. This was 18,921 words in all. That’s 610.3 words per post in July, way above June’s average of 463.5 words per post. I had thought I was writing shorter but all that Judge Parker talk is complicated. My year-to-date average post has had 593 words per post, which is just what the year-to-date average was at the start of July. This seems like I must have calculated something wrong.

Through the start of August there’d been a total 283 comments, an average of 1.3 comments per posting. That’s the same average as at the start of July. There’d been an average 5.2 likes per posting, down from the 5.3 at the start of July.

Are you reading this post? Would you like to? You can add my humor blog to your RSS reader using the feed or, if you prefer to keep things in WordPress, use the “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” button on the upper right corner of this page. On Twitter I’m @Nebusj and I try starting the month with rabbit pictures. You might like that, too.

Thanks for visiting at all.

Statistics July: What Was Popular and How So Here, Recently

If there’s anything that I know for the first week of a month, it’s that I look at the previous month. Usually with relief. But also so I can stare into what my readership looked like, and whether I had any. Maybe also to figure out what people like and what they don’t, in case I can capitalize on that. I already know the best reader response I got for last month, as my love burst out laughing while reading one of my pieces. So I should write more like that. It’s the hardest kind of thing to write, but then, if being a humor blogger were going to be easy I’d have already finished doing it.

Enough padding. Let me look at what my readership figures were like and see how much this month looked like every month.

July 2018, total views: 2,984. Visitors: 1,569. Views per visitor: 1.90. Posts published: 31.
July 2018’s page view and unique impressions count. My big old bustling downtown is looking less prominent, but just because there’s a lot of towers about the same height now.

Aw. My readership dropped below 3,000 page views for the first time this year. There were 2,984 page views, from 1,569 unique visitors. That’s well down from June’s 3,454 page views from 1,791 visitors, or May’s 3,227 views and 1,871 visitors. I’m not sure that I’m reading this right. It looks to me like earlier months I’d get a lot of page views from a mention in some high-volume forum or other. Doesn’t look like there was one in July. I just needed to log out and hit refresh on one of my pages sixteen more times is all. Still, this suggests I do get about three thousand page views even without any particular spikes or strokes of luck. There was a spike when the article about Gasoline Alley’s plot went up, and that’s likely a one-off. But it wasn’t that big a one.

I got 165 likes in July. That’s not quite up to June’s 172 or May’s 175, but it’s not so very different either. There were 36 comments, another crash after, like, June’s 56 or May’s 54. Nothing like back in January (148!). But still a fair number, better than most months in 2017. It makes me wonder what would happen if I knew how to self-promote.

So here’s the top postings from the past month. The top five are all comics posts.

That Phantom update is the most popular thing I published from July. My most popular long-form piece from July was How To Have A Small Business, published mid-month.

So now let me look at a bit list of countries with numbers set beside them. There were 66 countries sending me readers, compared to 71 in June and 78 in May. From this we can conclude the world is shrinking and some countries might have disappeared altogether. If anyone’s seen Paraguay recently please submit a note to that effect.

Country Readers
United States 2305
India 143
United Kingdom 89
Canada 74
Australia 48
Philippines 43
Malaysia 23
Italy 22
Finland 19
Germany 18
South Africa 16
Brazil 14
Romania 14
Spain 11
Norway 9
Mexico 8
Indonesia 7
Sweden 7
Colombia 6
Israel 6
Singapore 6
Denmark 5
France 5
Japan 5
Netherlands 5
New Zealand 4
Peru 4
Portugal 4
El Salvador 3
Georgia 3
Ireland 3
South Korea 3
Ukraine 3
Argentina 2
Austria 2
Belgium 2
Brunei 2
Chile 2
Egypt 2
Greece 2
Hong Kong SAR China 2
Lebanon 2
Namibia 2
Serbia 2
Switzerland 2
Taiwan 2
Trinidad & Tobago 2
Turkey 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 1
Isle of Man 1
Jersey 1
Kuwait 1 (*)
Macedonia 1
Mauritius 1
Nepal 1
Pakistan 1
Paraguay 1
Qatar 1
Russia 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Slovakia 1
Thailand 1 (***)
Venezuela 1
Zambia 1

That’s 17 single-reader countries, down from June’s 22 and May’s 25. I told you countries were going missing. Thanks for spotting Paraguay for me there, though. Kuwait’s on its second month of being a single-reader country. Thailand’s on its fourth. And this seems like more Channel Islands sending me readers than I expect. But maybe I haven’t been paying attention. That list of fake Canadian provinces or territories didn’t do a thing for my Canadian readership. My French readership was down too after that list of imaginary eras in their history. This is wrong of both Canada and France. Just saying.

August I started with 94,025 pages viewed from a reported 51,658 unique visitors. I’d had 212 posts to date, and a total of 488 comments. This works out to an average 2.3 comments per post, just like they were at the start of July. There were 1,318 total likes, for an average of 6.2 likes per posting. That’s down form 6.4 likes per post at the start of July. I published a total of 20,229 words (as they count words) over July, for a total of 138,259 words so far this year. That’s an average for the year of 652.2 words per post, rather close to the start of July’s 652.1. And it’s an average of 652.6 words per post in July, for whatever good that is. By the way when I started this I always figured 700 words was about what I could hope to do once a week for the long-form piece. So I have a lead about why I sometimes feel like I have run out of words to put to my own purposes.

If you’d like to follow Another Blog, Meanwhile, I won’t stop you. Here’s the RSS feed so that you can read it in the manner you find most convenient. You can also add it to your WordPress Reader by clicking the button on the upper right corner of the page which promises to add it to your WordPress Reader. I’m @Nebusj on Twitter, ad if you spot me on Pinterest it’s because I looked for an image of something and now can’t get it, even though it’s right there. Thank you.

Two people were searching for “mary worth snarks” here. While yes, I do snark on the story strips, I like to think I do that from a place of affection, and after taking the story with sincere interest. Someone (else?) was searching for “nebus hot” and thanks, my love, for that. Oh, wait, the Isle of Man is nowhere near any Channel Islands. I mean unless you’re comparing it to, like, how close Isla de los Estados, Argentina, is.

Statistics July: How The Month Treated Another Blog, Meanwhile

Time for the regular and not even slightly comical review of my readership in these parts. There were slightly more pages viewed in July than there were in June — 2,132 rather than 2,118, or for that matter 1,944 in May. They came from slightly fewer people, 1,349 unique viewers in July compared to 1,501 in June or 1,291 in May. I credit archive-binges by people. It’s the fourth-greatest number of page views I have on record. Not quite at the high points of the Apartment 3-Gocalypse, but stable.

Are readers engaged with my content distribution model? Tougher to say. I felt bad asking the question. The ‘likes’ recorded had a little uptick, to 154 from June’s 122. That compares well with May’s 167. It’s still not many; July 2015 drew in 349 likes from a mere 1,126 page views. And comments continue to die; there were 11 of them in July, compared to 19 in June and 10 in May. Again, two years ago: 76. Not sure what’s going wrong. It didn’t seem like there was so much comment back then.

The most popular content around here, by far, continues to be explaining story strips. These were the five most popular pieces in July:

I don’t have any of my long-form creative pieces in the top ten posts of the month; the closest, about vacuum cleaners, is somewhere around fourteenth. I should do something to better focus my energies. Also I should keep track of how the story strips people are looking for change over time. It seems like more people look for Prince Valiant updates than I would have guessed.

69 countries sent me readers in July. This compares to 67 in June and 58 in May in the sense of being larger. Here’s what they were:

Country Views
United States 1,454
Canada 96
India 63
Mexico 58
United Kingdom 49
Australia 41
Philippines 36
Brazil 34
Netherlands 23
Norway 23
Romania 14
South Africa 14
Argentina 13
Germany 13
Italy 13
France 11
Sweden 11
Ukraine 11
Ireland 9
New Zealand 9
Russia 9
Spain 8
Hungary 7
Indonesia 7
Austria 6
European Union 6
Bangladesh 5
Poland 5
Belgium 4
Colombia 4
Malaysia 4
Chile 3
Israel 3
Pakistan 3
Panama 3
Singapore 3
Slovakia 3
Taiwan 3
Vietnam 3
Angola 2
Belarus 2
Georgia 2
Hong Kong SAR China 2
Japan 2
Kenya 2
Kuwait 2
Myanmar (Burma) 2
Nicaragua 2
South Korea 2
Switzerland 2
Thailand 2
U.S. Virgin Islands 2
Albania 1
Bhutan 1
Cambodia 1 (**)
Denmark 1
Finland 1 (*)
Iceland 1 (*)
Lebanon 1 (*)
Lithuania 1
Macedonia 1
Madagascar 1
Moldova 1
Peru 1
Puerto Rico 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Serbia 1
St. Kitts and Nevis 1 (*)
Venezuela 1

There were 17 single-reader countries, down from June’s 26 and back to May’s figure. Finland, Iceland, Lebanon, and St Kitts and Nevis were single-reader countries in June also. Cambodia is on a three-month single-reader streak.

Sundays were again the most popular day for posts around here, with once again 16 percent of page views coming on Sundays. But that’s about what you’d expect if people were equally likely to read every day. 12:00 am was once again the most popular hour for reading, with 12 percent of page views coming between 12:00 and 12:59 (inclusive) (I assume). That’s so steady and expected I’m starting to get suspicious of it.

The month started with 58,925 page views from 32,684 unique readers. And, says WordPress, 754 followers who have me on their Reader pages. I’m sure they’re all out there, reading. If you’d like to be among them, now that you’ve read this report about what you might be reading, you can. In the upper right corner of the page is a strip to Follow ‘Another Blog, Meanwhile’ in your WordPress reading tool. And below that is a strip to get the blog by e-mail. Also I know how to put the – in “e-mail” in that strip, too.

I’m @Nebusj on Twitter, and try not to post eight hundred things a day, so I think I’m a good person to follow. Would you please, if you like? At least give it a try? Thank you.

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

So the index fell 14 points, but in the last minute Lisa came back, not admitting to anything about how her Tiny McMasions pilot is working out, but ostentatiously dropping two points into the bucket. She hasn’t said anything, but we all know she’s begging us to ask her about it, and I’m not going to give her the satisfaction after all this.


Statistics July: How My Humor Blog Did After All, If You Worried

So my humor blog settled back to roughly normal in July. I’m an optimistic sort of person and I can credit that as a striking success anyway. Mostly that’s because over the month I had two weeklong breaks that kept me away from commenting in an even remotely timely manner or visiting other people’s blogs. In that light, having 1,087 page views from 549 visitors is not bad at all. It’s slightly more page views than in June (1,063), although from fewer readers (606). But I also set up a gimmick that encourages archive-binging what with spending a week bringing stuff up out of the archives and putting them on my front page. Maybe I should do more of that. Both are down from May, when there were 1,198 page views from 677 visitors, but I did spend more time visiting other people then.

Two of the top posts in July were about Mell Lazarus, which shouldn’t be a surprise. I talk about comics a fair bit considering this isn’t really a comics blog, and Lazarus’s death and the possible end of Momma are identifiably news. The most popular stuff the past month were:

On to the countries list. The countries sending me the most readers in uly were:

  • United States (812)
  • Germany (58)
  • Canada (52)
  • India (30)
  • United Kingdom (30)

I worry I’m losing Portugal: only five page views from there in July. The European Union, really not a country, sent me four page views. Singapore sent three. And in single-rader countries were:

  • Austria
  • Belgium (**)
  • Chile
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kenya (**)
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan (**)
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Suriname
  • Thailand (**)
  • Tunisia
  • Ukraine (***)
  • United Arab Emirates (**)
  • Vietnam

Belgum, Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates are on two-month streaks. Ukraine’s on a three-month streak. That Austria appearance I don’t believe for a moment. I don’t know what to make of WordPress’s statistics.

The search terms WordPress was willing to admit brought people here were few and must be said boring. Mostly they were for comic strips: Momma, Funky Winkerbean (to wit, “funky winkerbean depressing”), Mary Worth (and the new artist question), Apartment 3-G, and Krazy Kat. At last I have my niche and I’m not really in it.

The month starts with my blog having reached 38,039 page views from some 19,706 logged distinct readers. I’m looking forward to whenever unique-viewer number 20,000 gets in. WordPress says my most popular reading date is Tuesday, with 18 percent of views. The most popular hour is 12 am, with 11 percent of page views. I think that’s probably Universal Time, since I mostly post stuff between midnight and 1 am Universal Time. There’s 671 listed followers, which I’ll guess is up from what I had at the start of July because I seem not to have logged that.

The number of page likes rose from 201 in May and 180 in June to 206 in July. The number of comments dropped again, from June’s 52. But that’s still up from May’s 25. And it’s close to the number of comments I got when I was using the cross-linking stuff that inflated my comment count in a process I described at one point and can’t figure is interesting enough to describe again. Just it’s all not bad. I credit the Dustin Hoffman question with getting people to say stuff. Many people want to say something about what they remember of Dustin Hoffmann.

If you aren’t a WordPress follower, or an e-mail subscriber, you could be. Double-check. There’s a little blue button to “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” at the upper left corner of the page, to the left of the headline. Under that should be a Follow By E-Mail button. I’m on Twitter, also, although I haven’t been doing much this past week because I was busy with competitive pinball.

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