Statistics Saturday: The Numbers Zero Through Twelve In Alphabetical Order With A Mistake To Lure Some Know-It-All Into Commenting

  1. 8
  2. 11
  3. 5
  4. 4
  5. 9
  6. 1
  7. 7
  8. 6
  9. 10
  10. 3
  11. 12
  12. 2
  13. 0

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

The index fell five points today as everyone reviewed the list above and held their breath.


Statistics Saturday: Birdhouse In Your Soul In Alphabetical Order

A a a a a
A a a a a a
A a a a a a a a
A a a

A actually actually after always am
Am ancestry and and
And and angels Argonauts at at
At be beaches bee bee bee bee bee
Bee bells birdhouse birdhouse birdhouse birdhouse
Birdhouse birdhouse birdhouse birdhouse bird-

House birdhouse birdhouse birdhouse
Birdhouse birdhouse blue blue blue
Blue blue blue bluebird bonnet
Bonnet bonnet bonnet bonnet bon-
Net but but but but but but by
By by by by canary
Canary canary canar-
Y canary canary countless doesn’t elect-
Trical filibuster
Fine fine fine fine

Fine fine fired friend friend friend friend friend friend friend friend friend-
Liness from glowing glow-
Ing guardian have I I I I
I’d I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m
I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m if in in
In in in in in in in in in

In in in in in
In in in in in in
In in in infinite inside
Inside in-

Side is it it it it it it
It it it it it’s it’s Jason
Job kept killing L-I-
T-E leave leave leave leaving light
Light light light light like like lis-
Ten little little little little
Little little little lit-
Tle little little little lit-
Tle little longines lot
Make make make make make make
Make make make

Make make me me message must my my my my my
Name near nightlight nightlight
Nightlight not not not not not not not
Not not not note of of off on on
On on on on on on on on one on-
Ly only only only only

Only only
Only only on-
Ly opposite out outlet out-
Let outlet outlet outlet over
Over over over over picture
Point point point point point point primitive

(Put put put put put put really really respect) Rest rocky room
(Say say say say say say) Screaming secret ship-
(Wreck-free shores simple so soul soul soul) Soul soul soul soul soul soul soul soul
Soul soul soul spelled stood story’s switch switch
Switch switch switch Symphonette tell that that the
The the the the the the the the the

(The the the the the the the the the the the the) The the the the
(There’s though to to to to) To to to to too
(Too too too too too vigilantly watch)Es watches watches watches watch-
Es well were which while while while whistles
Who who who who who you you you you you
You’re you’re you’re your your your your your your

[ Editor’s Note: I had some words left over. There shouldn’t have been any, but I wanted to make the syllables come out right and I tried over and over until I got dizzy, and I can’t work out where they should go and I’m sorry. Maybe you can fade out repeating the ‘Make a little birdhouse in your soul’ melody or something. ]

Your your your your your your your your your
Your your your your your your your your your
Your your

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

The index didn’t change at all today, which everyone agreed would have made Lisa’s crack about a watched index never rising more timely and appropriate so at least that’s got many of the hurt feelings a little less hurt. Or hurt in different ways, which is the best we have anymore.


Statistics Saturday: The Super Bowls (To Date) in Alphabetical Order

  1. Super Bowl 1
  2. Super Bowl 2
  3. Super Bowl 3
  4. Super Bowl 4
  5. Super Bowl 9
  6. Super Bowl 50
  7. Super Bowl 5
  8. Super Bowl 6
  9. Super Bowl 7
  10. Super Bowl 8
  11. Super Bowl 10
  12. Super Bowl 11
  13. Super Bowl 12
  14. Super Bowl 13
  15. Super Bowl 14
  16. Super Bowl 19
  17. Super Bowl 40
  18. Super Bowl 41
  19. Super Bowl 42
  20. Super Bowl 43
  21. Super Bowl 44
  22. Super Bowl 49
  23. Super Bowl 45
  24. Super Bowl 46
  25. Super Bowl 47
  26. Super Bowl 48
  27. Super Bowl 15
  28. Super Bowl 16
  29. Super Bowl 17
  30. Super Bowl 18
  31. Super Bowl 20
  32. Super Bowl 21
  33. Super Bowl 22
  34. Super Bowl 23
  35. Super Bowl 24
  36. Super Bowl 29
  37. Super Bowl 25
  38. Super Bowl 26
  39. Super Bowl 27
  40. Super Bowl 28
  41. Super Bowl 30
  42. Super Bowl 31
  43. Super Bowl 32
  44. Super Bowl 33
  45. Super Bowl 34
  46. Super Bowl 39
  47. Super Bowl 35
  48. Super Bowl 36
  49. Super Bowl 37
  50. Super Bowl 38

Not included, Super Bowls 51 through their sad little finale when a lack of interest forces the cancellation of Super Bowl 58.

Statistics Saturday: Hamlet’s To Be Or Not To Be Soliloquy, In Order

(Punctuation omitted because, come on, how do you alphabetize a question mark? I’m not a miracle worker, although I did figure out how a grep expression to strip most of the punctuation marks in only six tries.)

a a a a a action after a-
gainst all all and and and and and and and
And And And And And arms arrows awry
ay bare be be be Be bear bear bear bod-
kin bourn But by by calamity cast coil
come conscience consummation contumely
country cowards currents death death delay
despised Devoutly die die does dread dream
dreams end end enterprise fair fardels flesh
fly For For fortune from give great grunt have
have he heartache heir himself his hue ills
in in in insolence is is Is know
law’s life life long lose love make make makes makes
man’s may merit might mind moment more mor-
tal Must my name native natural No
No nobler not not now Nymph o’er of of
of of of of of of of of of of
of of of off office Ophelia
opposing oppressor’s or Or ori-
sons others outrageous pale pangs patient
pause perchance pitch proud puzzles question qui-
etus rather regard remembered res-
olution respect returns rub say scorns
sea shocks shuffled sicklied sins sleep sleep sleep
sleep sleep slings so Soft something spurns suffer
sweat take takes th’ Th’ Than that that that that
That That That the the the the the the the
the the the the the the the The The The
The The The their them there’s There’s this this those
thought thousand thus Thus thy time ’tis ‘Tis to
to to to to to to to to to To
To To To To traveller troubles turn
under undiscovered unworthy us
us us we we we we weary what When
When Whether whips who Who whose will wished with
With With would would wrong you

Statistics Saturday: The Ancient Greek Alphabet In Alphabetical Order

  1. α
  2. β
  3. χ
  4. δ
  5. ε
  6. η
  7. γ
  8. ι
  9. κ
  10. λ
  11. μ
  12. ν
  13. ω
  14. ο
  15. φ
  16. π
  17. ψ
  18. ρ
  19. σ
  20. τ
  21. θ
  22. υ
  23. ξ
  24. ζ

Bonus tip: if a mathematician needs a Greek letter and can’t think of which one, she or he draws a little zig-zaggy squiggle and identifies it as “ksee”.

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