Statistics Saturday: The Ten Movies of 2013

For your Saturday evening or whatever statistical roundup I’d like to offer the ten movies of 2013 which made my list here, and some useful data about them.

Movie Did I See It?
Iron Man 3 No
Oz The Great And Powerful No
Turbo For Some Reason Yes
Metallica Through The Never Wait, What?
Top Gun 3D Did I make that up?
Admission Dear Lord No
Free Birds Come on
Fast Times at Ridgemont High [*]
Snake and Mongoose What?
Star Trek Into Darkness [**]

[*] Not in theaters. My Dearest was horrified that I had never ever seen it, so got the DVD and we had a movie night with that and the classic 80s film Some Other Ubiquitous 80s Film I Never Saw Either And I Forget Which One But It Wasn’t Say Anything, and sometime we’ll get around to Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I hear a lot of people say has some good parts.

[**] We saw it in May but I only last week got why the other starship in it was called the Vengeance, which tells you how slow I am on the uptake.