Statistics Saturday: Some Teams Not In The Splendid Bowl This Year

  • The New York Giants
  • The Chicago Bears
  • The Philadelphia Cardinals
  • The Denver Nuggets
  • The Brooklyn Daily Eagles
  • The Detroit Wolpertingers
  • The Albany Diamond Dogs
  • The The
  • The Toledo Ohios of Ohio
  • The Dallas North Bobcats
  • The Oklahoma City Interurban Transit
  • The Seattle Opossums
  • The Toledo Ohios of Kentucky
  • The Mid-Atlantic States Savings Bank
  • The Miami Dolphins
  • The Boise Tumble
  • The Human Metabolic Pathways
  • The St Louis St Pauls
  • The Los Angeles Mangroves
  • The Tonawanda Kardex

Reference: Shakespeare’s Kings: The Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages, 1337-1485, John Julius Norwich.

(Personal note, the Human Metabolic Pathways is my favorite Kraftwerk tribute band.)

Statistics Saturday: Some Obscure Football Rules

  1. After three overtimes the game will be settled by a fifteen-word spelling bee.
  2. A regulation field is 120 yards in length, 53 and 1/3d yards in width, and 1.16 light-seconds in height, extending six feet, two inches below the surface of the ground.
  3. Any kind of zebra, whether talking or not, is specifically prohibited from playing in the Super Bowl.
  4. Team uniforms are not allowed to be chroma-key green.
  5. The zebra’s also prohibited from the Pro Bowl, Conference Championships, and the Divisional Rounds.
  6. No licking the ball after the two-minute warning.
  7. Yes, a zebra is allowed to play in the wild-card round, but only as a field goal kicker.
  8. All players must exist in no fewer than three dimensions of space and one of time.
  9. If by some chance the offensive team gets to a 7th Down that’s automatically one point.
  10. It’s a 20-yard penalty and loss of possession for four or more players on the offensive team to blep their tongues out simultaneously while behind the line of scrimmage.
  11. No player is allowed to wear his helmet either backwards or on either foot during the game. (However, this rule has never been enforced at the professional level.)
  12. It’s prohibited to use the player’s bench as a workbench for light carpentry projects.

Source: The Kaiser’s Merchant Ships in World War I, William Lowell Putnam.

Statistics Saturday: The Super Bowls (To Date) in Alphabetical Order

  1. Super Bowl 1
  2. Super Bowl 2
  3. Super Bowl 3
  4. Super Bowl 4
  5. Super Bowl 9
  6. Super Bowl 50
  7. Super Bowl 5
  8. Super Bowl 6
  9. Super Bowl 7
  10. Super Bowl 8
  11. Super Bowl 10
  12. Super Bowl 11
  13. Super Bowl 12
  14. Super Bowl 13
  15. Super Bowl 14
  16. Super Bowl 19
  17. Super Bowl 40
  18. Super Bowl 41
  19. Super Bowl 42
  20. Super Bowl 43
  21. Super Bowl 44
  22. Super Bowl 49
  23. Super Bowl 45
  24. Super Bowl 46
  25. Super Bowl 47
  26. Super Bowl 48
  27. Super Bowl 15
  28. Super Bowl 16
  29. Super Bowl 17
  30. Super Bowl 18
  31. Super Bowl 20
  32. Super Bowl 21
  33. Super Bowl 22
  34. Super Bowl 23
  35. Super Bowl 24
  36. Super Bowl 29
  37. Super Bowl 25
  38. Super Bowl 26
  39. Super Bowl 27
  40. Super Bowl 28
  41. Super Bowl 30
  42. Super Bowl 31
  43. Super Bowl 32
  44. Super Bowl 33
  45. Super Bowl 34
  46. Super Bowl 39
  47. Super Bowl 35
  48. Super Bowl 36
  49. Super Bowl 37
  50. Super Bowl 38

Not included, Super Bowls 51 through their sad little finale when a lack of interest forces the cancellation of Super Bowl 58.

Statistics Saturday: Counting On The Splendid Bowl

If current trends continue, then in the year … … there will have been as many Splendid Bowls as there are or were:
2020 Faces and vertices of the medial rhombic triacontahedron
2026 Days in January and February (non-bissextile years)
2026 Minimum number of games in the National Hockey League postseason (per rules in effect for 2015)
2027 Days in January and February (leap years)
2028 Counties in New York State
2031 Years between a Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania groundhog’s first being recorded to predict the weather and the predictive groundhog’s receiving the name “Phil” [1]
2034 Secretaries of State of the United States (as of 2015)
2044 Inches of height of Michael Jordan
2048 Games in a regular National Basketball Association season (as of 2015)
2049 Episodes of the original Star Trek
2054 International Astronomical Union-recognized constellations
2071 Maximum number of games in the National Hockey League postseason (per rules in effect for 2015)
2173 Recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (as of January 2015)
2331 Days in the year
2686 Species of Pokemon revealed as of 2015
9886 Elements of the sporadic Mathieu group M11

1: Wikipedia’s description is very breezy and chatty, causing me to doubt that the topic has been the subject of credible historical inquiry.

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