Statistics Saturday: What Textbooks You Need To Major In Mathematics

The courses you take and the textbooks you need for a standard major in mathematics (electives excluded):

Course Textbook
Calculus Introduction to Calculus
Advanced Calculus Vector Calculus
Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
Introduction to Linear Algebra Introduction to Linear Algebra
Partial Differential Equations Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
Abstract Algebra Principles of Abstract Algebra
Real Analysis Introductory Real Analysis
Algebra* Algebra
Complex Analysis A Mathematical Introduction To Complex Analysis
Numerical Methods Exploring Numerical Methods For Mathematics
Logic Principles of Mathematical Logic: An Introduction
Seminar Course (Instructor’s Choice)

* We mean Abstract Algebra, not that stuff you do in high school with the x’s and the y’s. In Abstract Algebra we never touch an x or a y, but instead see an awful lot of g and h and a ridiculous number of e’s. And by “Algebra” we mean “Advanced Algebra”, not that stuff from “Abstract Algebra”, which is the introductory course.

Source: Topics in Algebra, I N Herstein.

A Short But Pleasant Ride

Tucked into my Twitter feed was this bit from Spinger Mathematics. Springer publishes a lot of fine mathematics books, in both a line of yellow-covered texts and a line of blue-covered ones. The yellow ones are better, because mine had a yellow cover.

I grant that’s probably not very interesting to you. What interested me is that it appeared with the little “View Translation” icon in the upper right corner. “New! Mathematical Oncology 2013 by Alberto d’Onofrio & Alberto Gandolfi ” was translated by Twitter as … “New! Mathematical Oncology 2013 by Alberto d’Onofrio & Alberto Gandolfi ”. I probably should have seen that coming, but I was glad to try it out too.

Meanwhile over on my mathematics blog there’s been another roundup of comic strips, including a couple that come from the studios of Johnny Hart. There’ll be another roundup this week, barring a real surprise. I’ll let you know.