A Heavenly Autocomplete

In my normal job I do computer programming stuff, so I spend a lot of time annoyed with computer programming stuff. Here’s a secret about being a professional computer programmer, though: when stuff doesn’t work you can type it into a search engine. And search engine autocompletes are great because they so often guess what you wanted to know before you even finish the question, adding that little touch of existential despair to looking up where it is that great music sting from the old CBS Special Presentation teaser came from, because now you know you’re not even in the first 25,000 people to wonder about that today.

Anyway, for the computer programming stuff, I’ve been busy since Wednesday trying to find a sufficiently large cudgel to bash in Visual Studio 2013, which is a program that lets you make other programs as long as you can make it behave. Since it’s not behaving, I went to DuckDuckGo because yeah, I’m that guy, and tried to get a hint about the trouble’s source.

My text: 'visual studio 2013 error list not showing other'; autocomplete: 'others god's love'
By the way, I still haven’t got my problem fixed.

I admit, somehow, I had failed to consider that the problem might be that Visual Studio 2013 didn’t feel the touch of God’s love. And now I have to wonder if my problems getting the hang of Objective C have been theological in origin.

The Delivery Spiral

My father-in-law mentioned, with an appropriate amount of pride, that he was getting a dolly delivered in the next couple days. I wondered how they’ll deliver it.

The obvious answer is on a bigger dolly, but then, how did the delivery people get that dolly delivered to them? The result is a recursion problem, and results in questions like “could God create a package so large that even He couldn’t get it delivered?”, which is the sort of thing I was wondering about just before they told me I didn’t have to go to CCD anymore.

I’m still kind of sorry I won’t be there to see it delivered.

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