Statistics Saturday: Where I Am Ticklish

Place Am I Ticklish There?
The belly Yes.
Armpits Hoo yeah.
Knees Yup.
Lower Back Yes, really.
Shoulder Blades Honest.
Hair Don’t roll your eyes. It’s true.
West Virginia What? I’ve been tickled there.
Wrists Well, I am very ticklish.
Forehead Not so much, there, actually.

Something For The Water

Long-term readers might remember I was having problems back at the end of winter with our pond sneaking out of the backyard and making a mess all over the neighborhood. The obvious thing to do was get some fish, since that way the pond would be too busy to go sneaking off, right?

Sure. Well, the fish-getting and putting-in went well and we haven’t caught it sneaking off. But it turns out we’ve somehow got a ticklish pond and every time one of them flicks a fin, it starts giggling. And no, don’t go suggesting we trade it in on a babbling brook, since we know better than to get into that kind of a fix.