Statistics 2010s: Top Words Cut From My Essays Of The Decade Just Passed

  • just
  • not to say it isn’t
  • really
  • almost
  • microphone
  • a sort of
  • somewhat
  • (really almost any 10% would improve things somewhat)
  • simply
  • heptic

Reference: Mind Partner and 8 Other Novelets From Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, Editor Horace Gold.

Statistics Saturday: Some Words Of No Inspirational Value

I understand that inspirational words and stories are the most popular thing on WordPress, but, I must be true to my muse for no really clear reason. So here are some words which I expect will not move you in the slightest. Enjoy!

  1. Actuate.
  2. Today will find us between yesterday and tomorrow.
  3. Length of visible light.
  4. Bowls of multiple sizes, some of them glass.
  5. But then I’d have to react in some way.
  6. Print out this coupon for a discount of up to five percent.
  7. Most of our content is ingredients.
  8. Blissen.
  9. I’m thrilled to think how disappointed I’ll probably be by all this!
  10. Post-pastoral posting.
  11. That’s how many boats he’s blown up or eaten now?
  12. Active anticoagulant.

Actually, #9 makes me think of Ashleigh Brilliant’s Pot Shots so maybe it’s a tiny little bit inspirational.