Comics Kingdom is still trying to fix things and also get people to read _Animal Crackers_

Comics Kingdom’s attempts to get their page back to working as well as it did two week ago seem to be carrying on. At least the normal page displays all right. The page that used to list all the comics they carry in alphabetical order is showing a post from 2015 where Bizarro artists Wayno and Piraro point to a blog post by Tina’s Groove artist Rina Piccolo. (The server that Piccolo’s blog was on has expired and the link’s been infested with malware.)

There isn’t a working zoom feature, but if you right-click on an image you can open it in a new tab, and that’s a usually larger version, which is the only way I can do the Slylock Fox six differences puzzles. Also the tab for making a permanent link — instead of one that non-subscribers can only see for a week — is dead. The permanent links are dead, too, which is making a hash of many of my What’s Going On In … posts.

Screenshot of my comics page featuring Animal Crackers: the toucan(?) asking Lyle if he's doing anything special for Valentine's Day, and Lyle Lion saying 'Lana is in the driver's seat when it comes to planning. I'm just along for the ride.'
Showing off Mike Osbun’s Animal Crackers for the 14th of February, 2022. (It does match the strip on GoComics for the day.) Other Tribune Content Agency comics include Broom Hilda, Gasoline Alley, Pluggers, and Gil Thorp. Also Love Is…, which used to run on GoComics but doesn’t anymore. That last isn’t running on Comics Kingdom … so far as I know.

Also, and this is the strangest thing, my comics page has started to include Mike Osbun’s Animal Crackers, a comic strip they don’t even explicitly list. It’s a Tribune Content Agency comic strip and normally runs on GoComics. The Tribune’s Shoe appears on both Comics Kingdom and GoComics, but I wasn’t aware of any other crossover comics. The link that my Favorites page provides for the site shows nothing of substance. More on this as it comes to pass.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “Comics Kingdom is still trying to fix things and also get people to read _Animal Crackers_”

      1. I spotted the same things! I was getting ready to download pictures for today’s Judge Parker update and was getting ready to curse out everything about Comics Kingdom and maybe postpone the essay until it could have pictures.

        Whatever the internal benefits of the New Scheme are I can’t say that I have seen an improvement for the customer-facing side of the site.


  1. I just had a Nebus moment! Reading the Wikipedia entry on “The Jack Benny Program” I discovered Rochester has a last name….and it’s not Rochester. Have I stumbled over a Nebus™ brand Wiki-pranking?


    1. Oh no, not my prank! I have clear memories of hearing Rochester introduce himself as “Rochester van Jones”, and I can hear it in his voice, so it must be legitimate because there’s no imitating Eddie Anderson’s voice.


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