Statistics Saturday: What Warren Buffett Is Warning Americans About

'Warren Buffett Just Gave Americans A Big Warning' ... also there's a tooltip warning there's a breakthrough causing people to lose too much weight.
I forget what the breakthrough was that causes people to lose too much weight.

Biggest ones: 'Nothing is happening in Apartment 3-G. NOTHING'. Also: 'handled in a facility that contains ingredients', and, 'That's no ordinary guinea pig!'
Just missing the cut: ‘You’ll find Fallen London a way more interesting game than you expect’.

So apparently I’m okay with using clickbait advertisements as inspiration. Not sure how knowing that makes me feel about myself.

Also, happy National Day, Singapore. That hasn’t anything to do with anything here, but how often does a nation observe its 50th National Day? Except the nations that claim they’re 50 years old every single year, like some of those Caribbean islands do.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

14 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: What Warren Buffett Is Warning Americans About”

  1. One of the labels in this chart reminds me of something: a pet rabbit that my wife and her colleagues had in their workplace. It got a bit vicious on time (in fact, rather brutally homicidal) causing my wife to make quotable remarks such as ‘That’s no ordinary rabbit’. Nobody got it. Can’t understand why.


    1. I’m a little surprised. But it does seem to me the endless quoting of Monty Python is fading out of Internet culture. That might not be a bad thing. A few years of being fallow might help people discover the source material is almost as funny as the fans insist it is.

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      1. Definitely. Actually, the medieval period was exceptionally funny in a lot of ways, typified by the time a crusade set out under command of a duck. Terry Jones had great glee recounting this story in his (mostly) serious documentary series on the crusades. I suppose a lot of it was to do with having frameworks of thinking that were displaced by the ones we know, via the Renaissance, Age of Reason, etc. The older style just seems surreal to us now.


        1. It was an era with a very different worldview, yes, and a lot of the results sound hilarious taken out of context. I hadn’t heard the command-of-a-duck one before.

          I admit finding a lot of it funny, and delightful when something apparently ridiculous comes across my desk. But I do end up curious and hoping to find out why people got to that point and when I hear the reasoning, usually, I come away at least seeing how that’s sensible enough from the way they started out. It’s the curse of found comedy.

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    1. That’s not Albany. I’ve lived in Albany and while I haven’t lived in 1947 I have pretty good reports of the era and both have more stuff happening in them than Apartment 3-G has.


  2. Looking at that picture I think he’s warning people that he’s the result of the late Dave Thomas and the late Col. Harlen Sanders fused together into the founder of WarrenBurgers (Not affiliated with the actual Warren Burger)


    1. It’s a fair enough warning! At least if that is a picture of Warren Buffett. I couldn’t say myself. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a picture of him that wasn’t from some clickbait advertisement. For all I know he’s actually never been photographed and people have just settled on a hypothetical recreation of what someone named “Warren Buffett” might look like, if he existed and all.


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