Caption This: Supplemental: Hurrk.

As has gotten to be normal for Mondays I mostly want to point you over to my mathematics blog where I thrill folks by showing off a 1956 installment of Jimmy Hatlo’s comic strip Baby Schnooks’ll Do It Every Time. I don’t know, but it brings in the readers, so who am I to object? There should be another one of those installments come Thursday, so I’ve already got my Next Generation picture all ready to go for it. Also I’m not going out of my way to pick on Next Generation, it’s just that I feel like there’s only one thing to say about the Original Star Trek episode where they left a newspaper on the floor in the background and that’s to point out they left a newspaper on the floor in the background. As ever, if you want to put in your own caption, please do. I like what folks make of this.

Riker sitting on the captain's task chair in the Ready Room.
I get why the Captain would have a laptop on his desk, sure, and having a couple of circuit boards standing free? That’s just good resource organization. Why does he keep a chunk of crystal there, though? That’s way too blocky to be a piece of sea glass, so I’m forced to conclude the set designers don’t know either, they just set that down earlier in the episode and can’t take it out now without someone calling it a continuity error.

“Personal log. I now know how long is too long to spin in my chair.”

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

The index stayed at 127 today as some of the traders got into a talk about the standards and specifications of decade-old video game systems and everybody else hid under the desk until it all blew over. Not that it isn’t interesting to hear something about this stuff but then when they get into calling enhanced rame rate schemes “hilarious” you know you’re in trouble and should be doing something else.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Caption This: Supplemental: Hurrk.”

  1. Shrunken Captain Picard to Shrunken Data on the Shrunken Stargazer “Fire at Will,Data!” “Do you mean fire freely,sir?” “No.. Fire at Riker! Will Riker! He’s in my damn chair again!”


      1. Like in “Generations” when (spoiler alert) Picard leaves the keys in the Enterprise’s ignition and Riker proceeds to crash into the planet. I always think about the scene when the two of them wondering around the smashed bridge and Riker starts caressing Picard’s chair saying “I was always hoping to get a chance at this seat” I imagine Picard saying “Go ahead and take it, Starfleet won’t want it in the condition it’s in now.”


        1. Really, I admire Picard’s restraint in not pointing out that Riker had his chance and look where it got everybody.

          To be honest apart from that time with the Borg, Riker had real trouble managing the ship. Besides getting the ship half-blown-up by those Lursa and Betor knobs he also got it captured by Ferengi while Picard was temporarily en-kiddified, and beaten by Pakleds when Picard was off getting his artificial heart rotated. Granted if he can handle the Borg I suppose we can bring in other people to deal with Pakleds but it’s a weird track record.


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